It is a well-known fact that legal fees can run into the millions in most parts of the world. Unfortunately, the average person does not have millions, or even thousands, to fall back on should he become embroiled in a legal issue. So, what are your options?

Full fee lawyers

If you are rich and money is not an issue, you don’t have a problem. You can ask around, get lawyer referrals and take on the best lawyer (relevant to your kind of case) in your town, city or state. Lawyers normally charge by the hour, and the bigger the law firm the higher the fees.

Legal aid services

Should you not be able to afford paid legal services, you can approach legal aid services. Free legal services or free legal advice is offered by a variety of public interest law firms and community legal clinics. Common types of cases handled for free or pro bono as it’s called include: denial or deprivation of government benefits, evictions, domestic violence, immigration status, and discrimination.

Public defenders

If you are a defendant in a criminal prosecution case and can’t afford to hire an attorney, you are guaranteed legal aid related to the charges as well as legal representation in the form of a public defender as well. Even if you lose your case in court, your public defender is duty bound to handle your appeals all the way to the highest court in the country.